North Eastern Agricultural Technologies


N.E.A.T. is a eco-friendly agriculture consulting firm that specializes in farming, gardening, crop growing and cultivation solutions. Our consultant work directly with our clients and partners to help your organization achieve its vision; using the latest technologies and sound principles founded on honesty, integrity, being customer focused, unwaveringly high quality service, and exceptional value. 

Whether it's for human consumption or ornamental decor; we manage and deploy sophisticated solution to meet the challenges organizations face tomorrow, processes that are streamlined to meet the consumption needs and provide wholesome organic products with an emphasis on sustainability and renewable resources.

Let N.E.A.T. do the laborious technical research to drive your organization innovation using modernized resources and practices developed to provide a customized solution; full optimized to account for the projects budgetary, geographical, political and product specific constraints.  

How can we help your organization grow; our tailored solution are scalable; from small co-op grows to full scale commercial agriculture operation we can help you leverage futures tends now, with our analytical tools and wealth of knowledge we bring all with the focus on making your organization an eco-economic success.